„Anyone who deals with the past will learn something about the future“

The industrial family Hirsch was first mentioned in 1765. Since then, each generation produced new unique entrepreneurs who in turn passed important values ​​ on to their successors.

This tradition is more than just a series of technical feats, marking the technical possibilities of that specific time. Instead it builds a bridge from the beginnings of the industrialization to the high-tech age of our time and has significantly helped shape the Austrian economic history.

1945 is when KR Hans Hirsch senior began to produce watchbands. While his son Hermann Hirsch took over the watchband business and quickly turned it into a showcase company in the high-quality watchband industry, his other son Hans Hirsch started the first Austrian production of watches and became one of the world’s leading producers of gemstone watches.

Today these two independent companies are cooperating under the guidance of the young entrepreneur – generation Andreas Hirsch, Karolin Hirsch-Aschgan Norbert Klappacher and Pierre Aschgan – Hirsch European Watches, as well as Robert Hirsch – Hirsch Armbänder.


It was as early as 1765 when the Hirsch family began processing leather.

1945 KR Hirsch Hans sen. begins with the production of watchbands

1991 Founding of a watch production in Austria by Hans Hirsch

1994 The company develops into one of the world’s largest suppliers of gemstone watches

1996 Andreas Hirsch and Karolin Hirsch take over the company

1997 In addition to retail, specialization in the „private label“ segment

2000 Expansion of the collection for industry clients as well as distribution of wristwatches across Europe

2002 a new era begins: The conversion to Hirsch European Watches GmbH corresponding to market developments.

2003 Expansion of the company and completion of the new headquarters in 2004

2011 With a portfolio of nearly 2,000 watch models, and an annual production volume of up to 2,000,000 units, Hirsch European Watches is one of today’s market leaders in the German „private label“ segment.